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Updates Log
(last update 17-Mar-2023)

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17-Mar-2023: State tournament results posted
14-Mar-2023: Cancelled Crime Busters (B) and Experimental Design (B). Bio-Process Lab (B) has been modified to be exam only. Program books have been posted. All information for the State Tournament should be available now.
12-Mar-2023: Majority of events confirmed. Schedule updated to include event rooms, WIFI Lab changed to a Sign Up event.
07-Mar-2023: Home Rooms and Bus Arrival/Parking instructions posted.
04-Mar-2023: Posted version 1.1 of event schedule
23-Feb-2023: Posted event schedule
18-Jan-2023: Posted date and location for State Finals Tournament. Qualifying schools posted.
11-Jan-2023: Posted results for Union College Regional Tournament
10-Jan-2023: Posted results for Camden County College Regional Tournament
05-Jan-2023: Posted results for NJIT Regional Tournament
03-Jan-2023: Added event locations to all regional schedules.
15-Dec-2022: Posted tournament schedule for Union College and NJIT
13-Dec-2022: Posted tournament schedule for Camden County College
06-Dec-2022: All regional tournament event lists are complete
06-Dec-2022: Events confirme for Camden County College: Disease Detective (C)
06-Dec-2022: Events confirmed for Union College: Meterology (B). This completes the event list for the Union College Regional Tournament
06-Dec-2022: Events confirmed for NJIT: Codebusters (C), Disease Detective (C), Write It - Do It (C)
05-Dec-2022: Events confirmed for Union College: Solar System (B), Astronomy (C)
02-Dec-2022: Events confirmed for Camden County College: Division B - Bio Process Lab, Experimental Design, Green Generation, Meterology, Solar System. Division C - Astronony, Green Generation
02-Dec-2022: Events confirmed for NJIT: Division C: Remote Sensing
01-Dec-2022: Events confirmed for NJIT: Division B: Can't Judge a Powder, Fast Facts, Meteorology, Rocks and Minerals. Division C: Chem Lab, Fermi Questions
01-Dec-2022: Events confirmed for Union College: Division B: Anatomy & Physiology, Codebusters, Crime Busters, Disease Detectives, Green Generation, Rocks and Minerals, Write It - Do It. Division C: Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry Lab, Codebusters, Disease Detectives, Environmental Chemistry, Green Generation, Fermi Questions, Rocks and Minerals, Write It - Do It
01-Dec-2022: Confirmed Can't Judge a Powder (B) at Camden County College.
29-Nov-2022: Confirmed Anatomy & Physiology (B), Crime Busters (B), Road Scholar (B), Anatomy & Physiology (C) & Forensics (C) at NJIT
22-Nov-2022: Confirmed Forensics (C) at Camden County College
16-Nov-2022: Confirmed Anatomy & Physiology (B) and (C) at Camden County College
15-Nov-2022: Confirmed Cell Biology (C) at Camden County College
14-Nov-2022: Confirmed Road Scholar (B), Write It Do It (B), Chemistry Lab (C), Fermi Questions (C), WIFI Lab (C), Write It Do It (C) at Camden County College
08-Nov-2022: Posted regional tournament team numbers
04-Nov-2022: Closed registration
27-Oct-2022: Confirmed Bridge (B), Bridge (C), Roller Coaster (B), Scrambler (C), Wheeled Vehicle (B) for Camden County College, NJIT, and Union College
19-Oct-2022: Registration opened
16-Oct-2022: Registration procedures posted
12-Oct-2022: Regional tournament dates released
04-Oct-2022: Turned site over for 2023