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Updates Log
(last update 23-Apr-2021)

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23-Apr-2021: State Finals results posted.
10-Apr-2021: Posted materials for Experimental Design (C).
08-Apr-2021: Posted materials for Experimental Design (B). Division C materials are still pending.
06-Apr-2021: Confirmed Forensics (C). Confirmed Road Scholar (B). Event lists are now finalized.
05-Apr-2021: Confirmed Crime Busters (B), Experimental Design (B), Food Science (B), Water Quality (C)
01-Apr-2021: Extended event confirmation deadline to April 5.
28-Mar-2021: Posted statements about the Code of Ethics, Event Materials and Calculators, and Collaboration Technology to the Clarifications and Modifications pages. Published instructions for Head Coaches to set up Scilympiad Teams. Published instructions for students on how to create their account in Scilympiad
25-Mar-2021: Confirmed Codebusters (C)
24-Mar-2021: Confirmed GeoLogic Mapping (C), Added links to Scilympiad webinars for coaches and students
23-Mar-2021: Confirmed Ornithology (C)
19-Mar-2021: Confirmed Experimental Design (C)
17-Mar-2021: Confirmed Machines (B), Fossils (C), Protein Modeling (C). Unconfirmed Experimental Design (B)
16-Mar-2021:Confirmed Dynamic Planet (B), Fossils (B)
12-Mar-2021: Ornithology (B), Water Quality (B), Dynamic Planet (C), Machines (C) confirmed.
03-Mar-2021: Confirmed Circuts (C) and Sounds of Music (C). Forensics (C) and Fossils (C) moved to 13-Apr at 6PM. Anatomy & Physiology (C), Astronomy (C), and Circuit Lab (C) moved to 13-Apr at 4:45 PM.
01-Mar-2021: Posted event schedule and Team Numbers
25-Feb-2021: Removed Write It - CAD It (B) and Write It - CAD It (C) from events list for State Finals Tournament,
19-Feb-2021: Confirmed Disease Detectives (B) and Disease Detectives (C), closed registration
17-Feb-2021: Confirm Heredity (B)
16-Feb-2021: Removed virtual competition modification for Codebusters (C). This modification may return at a later date.
12-Feb-2021: Confirmed Game On (B)
11-Feb-2021: Initial event list and virtual competition modifications posted
06-Jan-2021: Registration and initial tournament information posted
23-Dec-2020: Turned site over for 2021