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New Jersey Science Olympiad - Virtual State Finals Tournament
Competition Dates: March 22-24, 2022
Competition hosted virtually at https://scilympiad.com/nj

The New Jersey Science Olympiad Steering Committee, in consultation with our tournament host partners, has decided that the 2022 New Jersey Science Olympiad will be held virtually. The competition format will be similar to 2021. No in-person tournaments will be held. No regional tournaments will be held. All teams will advance directly to the New Jersey State Championship. Competition will occur via Scilympiad.com with events scheduled over the span of three evenings, including a slate of events modified for remote competition.

This decision was made due to the uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause regarding the availability of our hosting institutions to host our programs in 2022 and the capability of individual teams to travel to physical competitions. The committee is exploring options to expand the competition beyond what was offered in 2021 by offering some engineering events as exhibition events. The inclusion of engineering events is not guaranteed at this time. More information about event specifics will be posted when available.

Events will be held during the evening of each competition day at 4:45 PM and 6:00 PM, approximately
All teams competiting in an event will compete at the same time

Events and Virtual Competition Modifications

Division B - Middle School

Division C - High School

Event Conflict Blocks

Event Conflict Blocks are the events which will occur in the same competition period. Students should not be scheduled for more than one event per conflict block.
The specific date and time for each event block will be posted at a later date. These event blocks match those being used at the National Tournament.

Division B
Division C
Block A

Crave the Wave
Green Generation
Rocks and Minerals

Dynamic Planet
Block B Codebusters
Disease Detectives
It's About Time
Remote Sensing
Block C Anatomy & Physiology
Dynamic Planet
Detector Building
Green Generation
Rocks and Minerals
Block D Bio Process Lab
Crime Busters
Experimental Design
Chemistry Lab
Block E Disease Detectives
Road Scholar
Cell Biology
Experimental Design
Block F Food Science
Solar System
Sounds of Music
Anatomy & Physiology
Environmental Chemistry
Video Submission
Mousetrap Vehicle
Gravity Vehicle