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2021 Division B Event Descriptions

The following is the list of events that New Jersey Science Olympiad intends to hold at the 2021 Virtual State Finals Tournament.

Our ability to hold any specific event is dependant on our ability to confirm an Event Supervisor for that event.
As Event Supervisors are confirmed, we will update the Status column below to Confirmed.
Any event which has not been confirmed by April 1, 2021 will be canceled

Confirmed events may be removed if unforeseen circumstances occur.

Modification Type
Clarifications & Modification
Anatomy & Physiology
(Skeletal, Muscular & Integumentary)
Participants will be assessed on their understanding of the anatomy and physiology for the human Skeletal, Muscular and Integumentary systems.
Circuit Lab
Exam Only
Participants must answer questions about electricity and magnetism.
Crime Busters
Dry Lab Only

Given a scenario, a collection of evidence, and possible suspects, students will perform a series of tests that along with other evidence will be used to solve a crime.

Density Lab
Exam Only
Participants answer questions about mass, density, number density, area density, concentration, pressure and buoyancy.
Disease Detective
Participants will use investigative skills in the scientific study of disease, injury, health and disability in populations or groups of people
Dynamic Planet

Teams will complete tasks related to physical and geological oceanography.

Experimental Design
Dry Lab Only
This event will determine a participant's ability to design, conduct and report the findings of an experiment.
Food Science
Exam Only
Students will answer questions on food chemistry with a focus on fermentation and pickling.
Teams identify and classify fossils and demonstrate their knowledge of ancient life by completing tasks related to interpretation of past environments and ecosystems, adaptations and evolutionary relationships, and use of fossils in dating and correlating rock units.
Game On
This event will determine a team's ability to design and build an original computer game using the program Scratch incorporating the scientific theme provided to them by the supervisor.
Participants will solve problems and analyze data or diagrams using their knowledge of the basic principles of genetics.
Exam Only
Teams will complete a written test on simple and compound machine concepts.
(Severe Storms)
This event emphasizes understanding of basic meteorological principles associated with severe weather with emphasis on analysis and interpretation of meteorological data, graphs, charts and images.
Participants will be assessed on their knowledge of North American birds.
Reach for the Stars
Students will demonstrate an understanding of the properties and evolution of stars and galaxies as well as their observation using different portions of the electromagnetic spectrum (e.g. Radio, Infrared, Visible, Ultraviolet, X-Ray and Gamma Ray).
Road Scholar
Participants will answer interpretive questions that may use one or more state highway maps, USGS topographic maps, Internet-generated maps, a road atlas or satellite/aerial images.
Water Quality
(Marine & Estuary)
Exam Only
Participants will be assessed on their understanding and evaluation of marine and estuary aquatic environments.