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Updates Log
(last update 02-Mar-2018)

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02-Mar-2018: Closed rules clarifications
20-Feb-2018: Rules clarifications posted for Helicopters (C), Towers (B), and Towers (C), bus drop off and parking information posted. Posted home rooms.
05-Feb-2018: Posted Remaining Trial Events. Added trial events to schedule. Adjusted schedule for Forensics (C) and Materials Science (C), posted electronic event signup information, Rules clarification posted for Solar Vehicle, and Roller Coaster
17-Jan-2018: Posted State Championship Tournament information
13-Jan-2018: NJIT Regional Tournament results posted
11-Jan-2018: Camden County College Regional Tournament results posted
09-Jan-2018: Updated NJIT Tournament Rooms due to use of snow date
09-Jan-2018: Union County College Regional Tournament results posted
08-Dec-2017: Posted event schedule for NJIT and Camden County College Regionals
06-Dec-2017: Posted event schedule for Union County College Regional
04-Dec-2017: Posted rules clarification for Mission Possible (C)
01-Dec-2017: Finalized events for Union County College Regional
30-Nov-2017: Finalized events for NJIT Regional
29-Nov-2017: Finalized events for Camden County College Regional
17-Nov-2017: Closed Registration, Posted Regional tournament team numbers and events.
11-Oct-2017: Posted 2018 Coaches Manual
14-Sep-2017: Posted confirmed regional tournament dates
13-Sep-2017: Posted registration procedure
11-Sep-2017: Posted tentative regional tournament dates
20-Aug-2017: Turned site over for 2018