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Updates Log
(last update 13-Mar-2019)

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13-Mar-2019: Posted state finals results
04-Mar-2019: Final rules clarifications posted
02-Mar-2019: Minor room updates on schedule
01-Mar-2019: Posted event locations and home rooms
21-Feb-2019: Posted Chemistry Clue (C) Trial Event, adjusted Write It - Do It (C) Schedule for Event Supervisor request. Schedule should be final now. Posted online signup system.
19-Feb-2019: Posted Indoor Bottle Rocket, Updated Schedule for Indoor Bottle Rocket (B), Extended Sounds of Music (C) into Session 5, , Posted relevant clarifications for flying device events
12-Feb-2019: Event schedule published
07-Feb-2019: Picture This (B) and Ornithology (C) confirmed as Trial Events for State Finals
04-Feb-2019: Clarifications Updated
21-Jan-2019: Posted State Tournament Team Numbers
15-Jan-2019: Posted UCC Regional Results
10-Jan-2019: Posted CCC Regional Results
08-Jan-2019: Posted NJIT Regional Results
02-Jan-2019: Updated NJIT and UCC Tournament schedules with event locations. Closed rules clarifications
19-Dec-2018: Competition space dimensions posted for Elastic Launched Glider and Wright Stuff at NJIT Regional
12-Dec-2018: Posted UCC Event Schedule
11-Dec-2018: Posted CCC Event Schedule
07-Dec-2018: Initial posting of rules clarifications. Team List template posted.
06-Dec-2018: Posted NJIT Event Schedule
29-Nov-2018: Added Dynamic Planet (B) and Dynamic Planet (C) to CCC Added Dynamic Planet (B) and Ornithology (C) to UCC.
28-Nov-2018: Added Game On (B), Heredity (B), and Codebusters (C) to CCC. Added Experimental Design (B), Experimental Design (C), Fermi Questions (C), Geologic Mapping (C) and Heredity (B) to UCC.
27-Nov-2018: Added Circuit Lab (B) and Circuit Lab (C) to NJIT. Added Disease Detectives (C) and Fermi Question (C) to CCC.
26-Nov-2018: Added Experimental Design (B) and Circuit Lab (C) to Camden County College
14-Nov-2018: Aded Mystery Architecture (B) and Picture This (B) to Union County College
12-Nov-2018: Posted lots more events
10-Nov-2018: Posted regional team numbers and confirmed events
02-Nov-2018: Changed State Touranment date to March 12
18-Aug-2018: Turned site over for 2019
04-Sep-2018: Posted available tournament dates
07-Sep-2018: Posted registration procedures
12-Sep-2018: Posted UCC Regional date
14-Sep-2018: Posted CCC Regional date